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Axia College Material Appendix B Healthy People 2020 Scavenger Hunt Complete the Healthy People 2020 Scavenger Hunt by accessing the Healthy People website located at . 1. What is the mission of Health People 2020? I believe the mission of Health people 2020 is simply trying to help people build a happier, healthier, tomorrow. 2. List five new topic areas for Healthy People 2020? Adolescent health, sleep heath, older adults, health-care associated infections, and preparedness. 3. Select one topic area from Healthy People 2020. What is the goal of the topic? What is one objective of the topic? Why is this topic and objective important? The topic I chose is Adolescent health. The goal of the topic is to inform, educate, and try to prevent from happening. The objectives of this topic accordingly to “HealthyPeople”, are to increase the proportion of adolescents who are connected to positive caregivers, increase educational achievement, increase the proportion of students whose reading levels are at or above proficiency achievement levels, and mathematical skills, and most of all to reduce adolescent and young adult victimization by crimes. This topic and these objectives are so important because it could save a life; prevent another teen pregnancy, and most important help our younger generation prepare for a healthier future. 4. What part of the website did you find most useful? On the 2020 website I found the “Topics & Objectives” tab most useful. I was able to click on any of the variety of diseases from the topic area and take in loads of extremely helpful knowledge. 5. What resources located on this website would you consider using in the future? I would consider using HealthyPeople’s ODPHP as a good resource. The office of Disease Prevention & Help Promotion has webinars, public meetings, and new media that would that would be very educational and helpful for me and my family. SCI/162
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6. Which part of the website did you find to be the most interesting? The part of HealthyPeople 2020 that I found most intriguing was on the home page area, where you were opted to enter your race/ethnicity and age range. It then actually compares the top ten causes of death across the populations. It informed me about a lot that I didn’t know about my fellow African American people, and it also horrified me every time I entered “black” in that drop down box for ethnicity. Out of every race listed, every time I entered my race the worst studies came up no matter what disease it was. It was sad but true. I have faith that one day those homicide, suicide, and HIV numbers will go down tremendously. Their MAPIT plan sounds wonderful. References : U.S. Census Bureau. 2008 population estimates: National characteristics, national sex, age, race and Hispanic origin. Washington: 2008. Available from: 2National Research Council and Institute of Medicine. Committee on Adolescent Health
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AppendixB - Axia College Material Appendix B Healthy People...

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