copynpasted3wkorientation - Week 1 DQ2 There are plenty of...

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Week 1 DQ2 There are plenty of benefits to attending school online such as the convience and comfort of being in your own home, if you have a job or children or any other activity you invest time in you can do what it is you need to do and at the end of the day get on the computer and handle business on your own time. The website is available 24/7. If a technological problem was to occur I know that I have several back up options available such as a family members or friends computer, the local library, flash drives allow you to save your work and then upload it to your pc when needed, and there are more and more places with wi fi areas such as Starbucks and Mc Donalds. If I am unable to obtain access to the OLS system I would not put an assignment off. I would do the assignment as required, safe it to my flash drive and submit it when possible. I also know that I could always contact an advisor or a customer support represenative to help fix any future problems if needed. Week 1 DQ3 I am not very computer savy, I knew what microsoft word was and thats about it, so I tend to overthink a lot of things I am required to do. I was very skeptical on the start of day one. I realized after re-reading my syllabus a bizillion times that I was making something simple complicated. The things that I have learned this week so far mostly contributed to helping me get started, find out whats available to me and how to use it. Those things consisted of getting in touch with my instructor, chatting with my classments, installing and becoming familiar with microsoft office/word, posting assignments, and following threads on the discussion boards. The videos were very helpful because visual learning at times works better for me. The orientation is very helpful and greatly appreciated. I love that it is letting me become familiar and preparing me for my upcoming classes. Otherwise I would've jumped in majorily confused and well over my head. I'm looking forward to learning and exploring more and to meeting all my new classmates. Week 1 DQ1
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copynpasted3wkorientation - Week 1 DQ2 There are plenty of...

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