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Appendix B US/101 Version 4 1 Axia College Material Appendix B Goal Setting Defining Goals Simply stated, goals are outcomes or results that an individual wants to achieve in a stated period of time. Goals require prioritized steps for successful achievement and must align with an individual’s priorities. Misaligned goals often lead to unfulfilled outcomes. Putting goals into writing and reviewing them daily allows the goal-setter to more effectively visualize the accomplishment of the goal. Goals may be set in various areas of life, such as career, personal development, family, friends, finances, health and wellness, leisure time, physical environment, and spirituality. Goals may also span a variety of time periods. Some may be long-term of 3 to 5 or more years. Others are midterm for 1 to 3 years. Still others are more immediate and short-term for 1 to 12 months. Benefits of Goal Setting Creating goals provides structure and purpose for personal, academic, and professional activities. Individuals that follow effective goal-setting strategies report that they experience less stress and anxiety, concentrate better, perform better, and are more satisfied in their work and personal lives. SMART Goals For goals to be effective, they need to include action words that explicitly describe the desired outcome. Effective goals also include SMART elements. The SMART elements of a goal are:
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us101_r4_appendix_b[1] - Appendix B US/101 Version 4 Axia...

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