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wk6dq1(rocky) - Intelligence activity helped me figure out...

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My results for the VARK and Multiple Intelligence model presented in Chapter 4 of our textbook was indeed knowledgable. I learned with my VARK scores that the learnin styles that work best for me are as follows: Visual, (Underline or highlight your notes) Aural (Talk with others to verify the accuracy of notes) and Read/Write (Write and rewrite your notes.) I always knew I was a visual person and I have always loved to write stories, but the Aural learning style definitely surprised me. I do tend to read my notes outloud, ask myself questions, and speak my answers frequently while studying. For some reason when I am studying doing this makes it more visual for me. The Multiple
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Unformatted text preview: Intelligence activity helped me figure out that my intelligence mostly lyes in verbal/linguistic learning and musical/rythmic learning. I agree trememndously with these results because I can write all day long with ease, I memorize information well, and I love to sing. Listening to music while doing classwork soothes and relaxes my mind. These insights will definetly aid in my being a better college student because it teaches me to be aware of what leaning strategies are most beneficail to me. I can then execute these strategies into my studies and everyday life making it easier for me to do what I need to do....
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  • Spring '11
  • RockyRiviera,Alcycia,ChristianSyphus
  • Multiple Intelligence, VARK, better college student, Multiple Intelligence model

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