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PRONOUN ASSIGNMENT 1. I spoke with my financial advisor earlier today, she advised me of the smarter options available for me to take out my student loan. 2. According to my brother, I should get a credit card to pay for all my needs; did I mention he has major financial problems that he is currently struggling with? 3. I have told my brother that using his credit cards as a substitute for cash will keep him in debt forever, but he seems to think that his actions are just fine. 4. Most creditors will not approve me for credit anymore, because of my low credit score rating I am considered high-risk to them . 5. My mother is a very wise woman; she suggests that my fiancé and I file for bankruptcy as soon as we possibly can. 6. I asked my mother-in-law for her help building mine and my fiancé’s credit after we file for our bankruptcy. 7. My niece isn’t very wise when it comes to her spending;
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Unformatted text preview: she has already accumulated a large amount of credit card debt, and she is only 19. 8. I will teach and show my children how they will benefit from them making smart financial decisions for their futures. 9. My sister and I were discussing the importance of us paying more than the minimum on our monthly credit card payments; she has a high credit score and would make a great financial role model. 10. My father expressed to my fiancé and I how much we’d benefit from paying more on our monthly credit card payments, he says that it will decrease the total amount of time it will take to pay off our debt. 11. My mother-in-law said it would be very wise for my fiancé and me to file for bankruptcy after our minds are right from a financial standpoint; to prevent us from getting into debt again....
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