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How did this game help you understand the electronic resources available to you? This game helped me understand what resources are available to me because I was able to browse the student library and other choices to pick an answer, which made it that much easier for me to memorize in my head. On a test and in the future when I am trying to access the student website, I will be able to visualize this exact test and remember promptly what I just learned. I found myself often times intimidated by the school library, but this feeling within time has diminished. What resource do you want to explore more when you have the time? Explain why.
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Unformatted text preview: The resources that I would like to explore more when I have the time are the Center for Mathematics Excellence and the Center for Writing Excellence. The reason being is because I haven’t taken a math class in years and I am in dire need of refreshment before I approach my math classes, so that I do not become overwhelmed. I’d like to also touch up my writing skills because often times my grammar isn’t correct. I have to learn when and where to insert comma splices properly and how to not have run on sentences all the time. I’d also like to expand my vocabulary in a more professional tone....
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