lecture9 - COMP 250 Winter 2010 lecture 9 Call stack...

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Unformatted text preview: COMP 250 Winter 2010 lecture 9 - Call stack, factorial Jan 25, 2010 In the next three lectures we will look at recursion . This is a very important topic. Before we discuss it, though, I will discuss the call stack . I won’t give a complete description of the call stack (you’ll have to wait for COMP 273), but I will give you enough for you to understand some of the subtleties of how recursion works, in a language such as Java (or C). Recall that the Java instructions you type into the computer are not the instructions that the computer executes. Each instruction that you type gets broken down into number of “lower level” instructions – (called Java byte code , in the case of Java) or more generally called machine code – which tell the computer where to get certain data from, and where to put certain data, and what operations to perform on the data. By “where”, I mean “what address” and here the addresses are the 32 bit addresses that I referred to back in lecture 3. Be aware that these lower level instructions themselves sit somewhere in this address space. That is, each instruction takes a small number of bytes in the 2 32 byte space. As a program is running, you should think of one of the instructions as be being executed at each time step 1 The address of this current instruction is stored in a special place (not part of the 2 32 byte address space) and this address is called the program counter . Call Stack When we write programs in say Java or C, we have a main method where the program starts....
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lecture9 - COMP 250 Winter 2010 lecture 9 Call stack...

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