ALumsden - Paper 1 - Acct. Ethics

ALumsden - Paper 1 - Acct. Ethics - Running Head...

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Running Head: Information Systems 1 Information Systems Forrest McCann MGMT Info Systems - BUS 3533 Texas Woman’s University Sept 14, 2011
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Information Systems Data Vs. Information Data as we learned in class is the raw materials i.e., “unorganized raw materials that need to be processed” (Boisot & Canals). When the data is processed and given some organization and structure to make it useful, then we call it information. Case Study Technology is not enough when it comes to customer service. Customers nowadays are absolutely sick of dealing with technology and yearn for the days when you could pick up the phone and get a human relatively quick. That’s why in the past years we’ve seen sites like, “” , grow so fast. It’s a site that tells you what to key in to speak to a human being. Technology is a good thing in the sense it lowers costs and can speed up the customer service process. Now that call lines are so slow, websites can speed up answering questions and resolving customer service problems.
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ALumsden - Paper 1 - Acct. Ethics - Running Head...

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