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BMGT 340 Comparables Analysis P/E Ratio 9 points When you have completed this assignment, you will be able to: - Identify market ratios for your company’s competitors - Use market ratios to perform a comparables valuation for your company - Analyze which ratios and which comparable companies are most accurate in valuing your company - Understand which data is meaningful and which data should be discarded in the analysis - Draw conclusions about the appropriate stock price for your company In this part of the project, you are making the assumption that your company is like your comparable companies (a reasonable assumption). This is very real world – this is exactly how this kind of valuation is done, and this is a very commonly used valuation method. 1. Go over your Chapter 9 notes, where we discussed comparables valuation in class. There is a little bit about comparables valuation in the textbook, but we discussed this in class in more detail. 2.
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