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7. How to prepare for the field of sports marketing (how the University of Maryland prepares students for this industry) The purpose of marketing is to understand what customers want and how to satisfy their needs. College students are supposed to master various kinds of communication skills, in order to become professional and successful in this field. a. Communication skills in classroom Listening (CH-4) Receive information from customer. speaking and writing: clearly, concisely and precisely e.g.: 300-400 level business class, smaller size, more writing assignment, short essay questions instead of multiple choices in the exams Teamwork, involves listening, speaking, writing, and cooperation b. Be professional-avoid bad writing habits Informal language e.g.: Text message and email
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Unformatted text preview: Pay attention to the format, tone, grammar, etc. Not only politeness, but respect to the information receiver c. Go outside the classroom Non-paid internship Extremely competitive. Try to find internship during the summer before senior year Knowing about how the real market works Two branch of sports marketing products: 1. Primary product: Promotion of sports events and teams as well as the promotion of other products 2. Secondary market: Services through sporting events and sports teams. E.g. UMD Tenpin trade mark & Adidas Nowadays sports market: 24 hours cycle, more complicated, need high technology, instant connect with customers, quick adaption to the change of market,...
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