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COMM107 Midterm Study Guide Ch. 1. Communication (p4) Three levels of communication (p4) Characteristics of communication (p4) Components of Human Communication (p8) Types of Noise (p9) Models of Communication (p16) Ch. 2. Processing Symbols (p38) Learning Symbols – Language Acquisition Theories (p39) Meaning of the words (42) Functions of Language (p44) Language Distortion (p45) Ch. 3. Categories of Nonverbal Communication – Detail! Include all types! (p67-84) Verbal and Nonverbal Relationships – 4 types (p65) Nonverbal reactions to stimuli (p64) Ch. 4. Listening Process: reception, attention, perception, the assignment of meaning, response 5 Types of Listening purposes (p103-108)
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Unformatted text preview: Ch. 5. Self-Talk p115/Concept p117/Love p122 Cognitive Processing p122 Types of Self x3 p123 Ch. 6. Action-reaction principle Self-love/disclosure p145 Self-perceived I/ other-perceived Me Compliance gaining Types of Power 153-154 Knapps Relationship Escalation Model 5 phases p166 Economic model of relationships p167 Knapps Relationship Termination Model p171 Negative/ Positive use of the Internet p174 p175-177 Ch. 7. Conflict Resolving conflict Personal Styles of Conflict Management Ch. 8. Types of Interview Question Ch. 9. Advantage and Disadvantage of working in groups Group Operations Types of Voting Ch. 10. Communicating as a Group Members Leadership power Types of Leaders & reasons to be leaders...
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COMM107_Midterm_Study_Guide_2011 - Ch. 5. Self-Talk...

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