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PERSUASIVE SPEECH AUDIENCE ANALYSIS NAME: Yi Fan Shi Speech Date: 5/5/2011 Speech Topic: It is the time to reconsider the “One Child Policy” 1. What is your general topic? How do you think your audience feels about it? Favorably, unfavorably, neutral, ignorant, apathetic, or intense? Explain why you think so. Topic: China’s “One Child Policy”. Audience feel neutral, since most of them do not know much of the role that the policy plays in real China society. 2. What is your personal interest in the topic? Why is it important to you? How will you establish your credibility in the speech? I am interested in this topic because I have been affected by this policy, and this is why it is important to me, and to other Chinese people. To establish credibility, I have done a lot of research, for example, I asked my geography professor for advisor. I also collected some latest data from official institutions such as U.S. Census Bureau 3.
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