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Presentation Ch-4 - Chapter 4 Listening Presentation Name...

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Chapter 4 Listening Presentation Name; First present given in this school; English-second language 1. Introduction: Before talking about listening in communication, let’s take a look at how does ancient Chinese character interpret LISTENING a How many parts of our body are needed to listen Ear: Eyes: Look at the speaker Heart: use heart to pay fully attention to the topic King: respect the speaker as s/he is the king Ears+Eyes+Heart=Attention+Respect 2. Why is listening so importance? E.g. Airline crashes More than half of the accidents are caused by the pilots’ carelessness, in many cases; it is because pilots do not pay attention or not understand the instruction from control tower. Too far away from our daily life? Play Face book or talking with your friend on the lecture –may fail in the exam Listening is an importance mean at all academic level. On average, everybody spends 40-50% of time in listening related activities. E.g.: Lecture, MP3, TV Listening is an active, rather than a passive process. Have to be patient, suspend judgment, and analyze what the speaker is saying. 3. The listening process Hearing VS Listening Hearing: a biological activity that involves reception of a message through sensory channels; only a part of listening
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Presentation Ch-4 - Chapter 4 Listening Presentation Name...

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