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Phineas Gage and Cognitive Function Phineas Gage and Cognitive Function The brain is at in the middle of all cognition. It offers all contribution to all cognitive functions beginning with the perceptions of our senses to allowing proper muscular cooperation. Researchers frequently discover new elements of the brain’s function; complete knowledge of human cognition might not be attainable. Phineas’ Accident Working on the railways, Phineas Gage became involved with a physically altering acci- dent; this was also a psychologically historical event. In 1848, on the 13 th of September, explos- ives accidentally shot a railway iron into the frontal lobe of the left-hand side of Phineas’ skull (Deakin University, 2006). Miraculously Phineas’ accidental injury was not fatal but gave the appearance of him being cognitively and physically normal. This fact gave cause for this acci- dent to become a very important date in psychological, medical and cognitive history. His occu- pational duties resumed in 1849, which offered the opportunity for fellow railway workers to dis- cover that Gage had drastically changed during his accident and recovery (Macmillan, 2000). Prior to the incident Gage was considered a prized employee who possessed useful cap- abilities, was efficiently forward in leadership skills, appeared to have a rational sense of balance and was regarded as a sly and intelligent company asset. His coworkers observed him as easily aggravated and with a horrible temper. Other new behaviors he exhibited were excessive use of profanity, irrelevance in conversation and lack of concern for his fellow workers. Gage lacked patience and ability to withdraw from conflict after his accident, but he also had become erratic, indecisive often chose to not make decisions when necessary (Deakin University, 2006). After the Accident
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psy360 phineas gage - Phineas Gage and Cognitive Function...

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