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EE312 – Basic Electronic Instrumentation Laboratory Fall Description: EE312: Basic Electronic Instrumentation Laboratory, Credit: 2 50 min lecture and 240 min of lab per week. Laboratory instrumentation; design, analysis, and characterization of electronic circuits using resistors, capacitors, diodes, MOSFET, opamp, and digital ICs. Lab Manual: Posted on the course website Reference: Sedra and Smith, “Microelectronic Circuits,” Oxford. Coordinator: Pao-Lo Liu, Professor Objectives: After taking the course, Students can operate laboratory instruments, including oscilloscope, function generator, power supply, and digital multimeter. Students know characteristics of electronic devices and their functions. Students can perform experimental measurements and characterize circuits. Students can design application circuits and perform diagnosis and optimization. Prerequisite: EE202, 203.
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Unformatted text preview: Corequisite: EE310. Topics: 1. Introduction to Electronics Laboratory (no report due) 2. Operational Amplifier 3. Computer Assisted Data Acquisition and Analysis 5. Logic Gates, Ring Oscillators, and D-Flip Flop 6. Digital Circuits 9. Sound Card Function Generator and Oscilloscope Grading: Data and Analysis (4) - 20 pts. Report (1) - 25 pts. In-Lab Final Project - 30 pts. Experimental Skills – 10 pts. Questions and Answers During Lectures – 5 pts. Lab Attendance and Activities – 10 pts Total: 100 pts = 100%. 88-100% A- to A, 78-87% B- to B+, 68-77% C- to C+, 58-67% D, <57% F. Schedule: Lecture: Wed. 17:00-17:50 Laboratories: Furnas 415-417, Multiple Sessions Office Hour: Wed. 16:00-16:50, Bonner 215A 645-1021, [email protected] Website: UBLearns Integrity: http://undergrad-catalog.buffalo.edu/policies/course/integrity.shtml...
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