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AN203 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Dr. M. Mazzarelli AN203-012 Mid-Term Exam Spring 2008 Study Guide The Mid-Term Exam is scheduled for Thursday, March 6. There is no make-up exam so please plan accordingly. (Please see the syllabus.) This is an in-class essay exam and the questions will be developed from the following themes. You will be asked to write on five (5) questions. Please make sure that you have your tool kit when you sit for the exam. Students who require accommodations should arrange for these by March 4. The themes are: - Culture and its defining characteristics. - Fieldwork (Need to be prepared to have specific examples from text, reader, Shostak and class.) - Principles of cultural adaptation and integration (see Heider Chapter 6). - Subsistence strategies. - Systems of production and exchange and their implications. - Language and its defining characteristics and its role in culture.
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Unformatted text preview: -What are some of the issues involved in culture and personality studies? -Marriage and family: What is marriage and how does marriage function in cultures? What are the forms of marriage? Define and discuss the forms of family and households.-Social Organization and Kinship. What are the fundamentals of these and how do they work? You need to be able to interpret a kinship diagram. (A generic kinship diagram is available on the course site.) You should have a firm grasp of the assigned readings and other materials that we have been working with, including the films. If you have done your reading, viewed the films and attended class you should be all set. I urge you to try to study cooperatively for the exam, establish study groups. This material really lends itself to discussion, especially if members of the group have prepared prior to study group sessions. (Make friends.)...
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