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OrganizationEE378F11 - Course Outline Topics include number...

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EE 378 OrganizationEE378F11.fm Viewgraph 1 of 1 EE 378 DIGITAL PRINCIPLES Professor: Adly T. Fam, 132 Bell Hall, Tel. 645-1149. E-mail: [email protected] Grading Policy: 50% Final project, 50% Five assignments. Each assignment as well as the final project will be done by teams of two to four students each. A,A- [100,90), B+,B,B- [90,70), C+,C,C- [70,50), D [50,40), F [40,0]. Office Hours: By appointment. Teaching Assistants: Farhan Qazi, [email protected], Ravi Kadlimatti [email protected]
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Unformatted text preview: Course Outline: Topics include number systems; arithmetic; codes; Boolean algebra; minimization techniques; logic design; programmable logic devices; memory devices; registers; counters; synchronous sequential networks. Text: David Money Harris and Sarah L. Harris. Digital Design and Computer Architecture , Morgan Kaufmann, 2007. Prerequisite: EE202, Corequisite: EE310...
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