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MSE 230 Spring 2011 Homework #5 - Mechanical Properties Continued (100 points) (Due February 10 or 11) (30 pts) 1. (a) Replot the yield strength (MPa) versus grain size data for the annealed brass given in the plot in Fig. 7.15 using a linear scale from 0 to 100 μ m for the grain size. Use the d -1/2 scale for the conversion and extrapolate the data (line) to d = 1 μ m. On your converted plot, indicate the portion of the curve resulting from the extrapolated data by a dotted curve. (b) How much strengthening (% increase) is possible in this brass by decreasing the grain size from 50 μ m to 5 μ m. (c) Using Fig. 7.15 or your plot (a), estimate the grain size of the annealed brass in Fig. 7.19. (d) Using Fig. 7.19, compare the strengthening of pure copper due to: (1) alloying the annealed copper with zinc to produce the brass, (2) 20% cold-working of the annealed copper, and (3) a combination of the alloying and cold-work in (1) and (2). Express the strengthening as the % increase in yield strength from that of the annealed copper. (10 pts) 2. Callister 7.29
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