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MSE 230 HW4

MSE 230 HW4 - MSE 230 Spring 2011 Homework#4 – Mechanical...

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Unformatted text preview: MSE 230 Spring 2011 Homework #4 – Mechanical Properties (100 points) (Due Feb. 3 or 4) You must use the data in SI units. Sometimes other units are given in addition to SI units. If you use the data in non-SI units, you will receive a zero for the problem. (10 pts) 1. A long steel tape measure 10 mm wide x 0.20 mm thick having an elastic modulus E = 207 GPa is used to measure the width of a concrete airport runway, which is perfectly flat and exactly 100.000 m wide In making the measurement, the tape is pulled tight and straight with 40.0 N (~10 lb) force. If the scale marks or graduations were printed on the tape under zero load and at the same temperature as the measurement is made (20 ° C), what value will it read (measure) for the actual length of 100.000 m? (10 pts) 2. Callister 6.7 (20 pts) 3. Use properties data in Appendix B and C: A 1-m long tie bar is made of A36 steel in the hot-rolled condition. (a) If the bar is designed to stretch no more than 1.0 mm when loaded to the hot-rolled condition....
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