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HW17 - a deep pool of ethanol by the way 2 A 6.00cm 3 block...

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Jim Guinn’s PHYS2211 Assignment #17 Due Mon., Apr. 19, 2010 Please note that there is a table of densities on the inside cover of your textbook. 1. Unusually, you happen to have a swimming pool filled with ethyl alcohol in your back yard. What would be the pressure acting on you if you were to swim to a depth of 13.0m . (It is
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Unformatted text preview: a deep pool of ethanol, by the way.) 2. A 6.00cm 3 block of aluminum is put into a container of mercury. What volume of aluminum remains above the surface of the mercury? 3. A 6.00cm 3 block of silicon is put into a container of water. What is the normal force exerted on the silicon by the bottom of the container?...
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