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Jim Guinn’s PHYS2211 Assignment #18 Due Wed., Apr. 21, 2010 1. A garden hose has an intake opening of approximately 4.00cm 2 . The other end of the hose is attached to a sprinkler with a total output area of about 0.500cm 2 . As the water leaves the sprinkler it goes straight up into the air to a height of 3.50m before coming back down. What is the speed of the water at the intake end of the hose? 2. Approximate the shape of an airfoil with the triangular shape shown. The bottom side is 2.00m long and the triangle is 30.0cm high.
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Unformatted text preview: Determine the difference in pressure from the top of the triangle to the bottom if air is flowing along the bottom of the triangle at a speed of 600.km/hr at a pressure of 1.00atm and density of 1.2kg/m 3 . (Hint: air flowing over the top has to get from the front to the back in the same amount of time as the air going along the bottom. Assume the density is constant.) 3. What is the volume of 1.00mole of an ideal gas at 20.0 o C and 1.00atm ?...
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