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Page 1 ACCOUNTING 2331, SPRING 2005 SYLLABUS REQUIRED TEXT nd ed.): The textbook includes the study guide, the solution manual and the Billy’s Video Practice Problem forms. The transactions for the Billy’s Video Practice Problem will be available through the Accounting 2331 web site or Web CT Vista. INSTRUCTOR NOTES For effective use of class time students should download the instructor class notes. These are available on the Accounting 2331 Home Page or through Web CT Vista (see below) Other Required Materials A 4 FUNCTION CALCULATOR FOR TAKING EXAMS and one NCS (Pearson) answer sheet to record your answers to the multiple choice part of the Internet Project. COURSE OBJECTIVE: To investigate the accounting techniques and results in financial accounting and reporting. You will be introduced to the generally accepted accounting principles for financial reporting. RESOURCES: ACCOUNTING LAB : Instructional Assistants will be available in the Accounting Lab (Room 133 Melcher Hall ) to answer questions, help you with problems in the text and to enable you to review exam results. The first day of service for the Lab will be Tuesday January 25. The lab closes at the end of the day on Monday May 2. Lab hours are announced on the web page and in course policies below. ACCOUNTING 2331/2332 WEB PAGE: Click on the ACCOUNTING 2331 HOME PAGE link to access this syllabus, power point slide handouts, instructor notes, information for course projects, sample exam questions, and other announcements. Web CT VISTA: You must log on to ACCT 2331 WebCT Vista to access your grades electronically as well as discussion boards. Materials posted on the Accounting 2331 home page will also be posted on Web CT Vista. INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION : Your instructor’s office hours and other information will be announced in class. COURSE GRADES: Accounting 2331 is a coordinated course . The course grade will be determined by points earned as follows: Class Projects 75 points First Interim Exam 100 points Second Interim Exam 100 points Final Exam 100 points* Total 375 points In accordance with Departmental Policy, no plus (+) or minus (-) grades will be awarded in ACCT 2331. Letter grades will be awarded according to total points accumulated as follows: A = 338-375 B = 300-337 C = 263-299 D = 225-262 *FINAL EXAM SCORING ALTERNATIVES: Because we do not offer make-up opportunities for missed interim exams, we have designed the final exam to be comprehensive and to serve as a replacement score for one missed or low score interim exam. Therefore your final exam score may count twice in your grade under one of two situations: (1) you miss one of the two interim exams, or (2) your final exam score is higher than the lower of your two interim exam scores. In any case you must take the final exam. 2 CLASS PROJECTS:
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Syllabus - Page 1 ACCOUNTING 2331, SPRING 2005 SYLLABUS...

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