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This rubric incorporates substantial portions of the Washington State University Scoring Guide for Critical and Integrative Thinking and outcomes identified for a well cultivated critical thinker by the National Council for Excellence in Critical Thinking Instruction. UH C RITICAL T HINKING A SSESSMENT : Provisional Scoring Guide 2008 The order in which the Criteria appear is not intended to suggest sequence. not applicable unacceptable acceptable exemplary Criteria: NA 1 2 3 Identifies problem, question, or issue (raises questions, formulated clearly and precisely) Presents, interprets, and analyzes relevant information, data, or evidence (gathers relevant information, using disciplinary concepts to interpret it effectively) Considers context, assumptions, and other perspectives (thinks open-mindedly, considering multiple sources and options, assessing the credibility and authority of sources) Develops and presents argument, position, or hypothesis , with implications Draws meaningful or justified conclusions (comes to well-reasoned solutions, tested against relevant criteria and standards) Communicates with regard to complex problems (adapts communication to target audience and disciplinary conventions)
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Provisional University of Houston Critical Thinking Rubric 2008 Identifies problem, question, or issue (raises questions, formulated clearly and precisely) Unacceptable - Does not attempt to or fails to identify and summarize accurately. Acceptable - Summarizes issue, though some aspects are incorrect or confused. Nuances and key details are missing or glossed over. Exemplary
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uh%20critical%20assesment%20rubric - UH CRITICAL THINKING...

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