Exam1_Spring10 - Name: _ (last) (first) Chemistry 2262,...

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1 Chemistry 2262, Section 1 Name: ___________________________________________________ Exam 1 ( l a s t ) ( f i r s t ) February 25, 2010 The exam has 8 printed pages of questions and 1 page of tables. Check now to make sure you have all 12 questions and 9 total pages. Make sure to write your name on the first page and on the page 8 in the provided space, and put your initials in the designated boxes at the top right corner of all the other pages . Put your name, initials, and all answers on these sheets with an ink pen . The exam is worth a total of 100 points. IMPORTANT: If you decided to use your exam clicker score instead of the Section 1 score, mark the corresponding box on the page 8 , and proceed to Section 2. In such a case, Section 1 will not be graded, and your exam clicker score (maximum 40 points) will be used instead. If the box on the page 8 is not marked, the Section 1 will be graded and used to calculate the exam total score. SECTION 1 (40 points total) Multiple Choice (5 points each, 30 points total). Circle the one BEST answer for each problem. 1. Which of the following compounds was likely to produce the IR spectrum shown below?
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Exam1_Spring10 - Name: _ (last) (first) Chemistry 2262,...

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