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MIS301 Microsoft Case WriteUp - Date: To: From: Subject:...

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Date: October 26, 2007 To: Elota Patton, Eric Jannazzo, and Myra Ng From: xxxxxx Subject: Rising Powers against Microsoft’s Dictatorship Porter’s Model: When Sun Microsystems came up with Java, a new software language, Microsoft experienced a threat of new entrant of Porter’s Model. Previously, Microsoft enjoyed the system where certain software could only run on their operating system, Windows. However, “Java made it possible for software applications to run on any machine, whether it used Windows, UNIX, or some other OS” ( Emergence of the Internet , paragraph 3). As users were no longer strictly bound to using Microsoft Windows in order to use the Windows-based applications, Microsoft responded by developing a Windows-specific version of the computer language similar to that of Sun Microsystems’s. By doing so, Microsoft was able to diminish the intensity of the threat that Java had proposed. In addition to the creation of Java, Microsoft further experienced a threat of substitution as well as the bargaining power of Porter’s Model when many governments of different countries “…threatened to move to Linux…” ( Emerging Markets and Foreign Governments , paragraph 1). The main purpose for these governments was to reduce the price of Microsoft products. However, among these governments, many ended up selecting Linux over Windows as they only needed basic functionality from PCs, and using Linux was much cheaper to manage than using Windows. To counteract the effects of the threat caused by Linux, Microsoft provided custom versions of Windows that would meet the needs of the emerging markets. Furthermore, Microsoft offered the “Windows XP Starter Edition” for a much lower price than the original OS. Although these efforts did not prevent everyone from using Linux, Microsoft was able to convince many governments to stick to Microsoft and implement their operating system.
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MIS301 Microsoft Case WriteUp - Date: To: From: Subject:...

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