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CJS 200 Week 1 Check Point - and biological factors There...

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There are many things that set the crime control model and the due process model apart for starters the crime control model is designed to quickly and effectively prosecute criminals, it makes it easier for police to make arrests and to protect citizens. On the other hand the due process is the complete opposite. The due process model is designed to protect the criminals from the immense powers of the state. The Due Process model would rehabilitate convicted criminals, where as the Crime Control model would punish criminals. Another aspect of the models is that the Crime Control model basically states that criminals “are responsible for their own actions,” but the Due Process model states that “criminal behavior can be attributed to social
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Unformatted text preview: and biological factors. There are a lot of differences between the two models, having a military police background; I would have to say that I believe the crime control model is a better model. I believe in making it easier for police to do their jobs and for making harsher penalties and longer sentences. Now on the other hand I believe that both models have their good and bad points. If the two could co-exist and run together with no one model being the dominating model, I believe there could be a better justice systems and more efficient justice systems....
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