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CJS 200 Week 3 Check Point Law Enforcement Agencies

CJS 200 Week 3 Check Point Law Enforcement Agencies - I...

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I believe the top three law enforcement agencies are the FBI, DEA, and The Department of Homeland Security. The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) is number one in my eyes. The FBI enforces constitutional law and the FBI has jurisdiction everywhere in the United States and U.S. territory overseas. The FBI has some of the best trained individual among its ranks. This agency is very effective at getting the job done and catching the criminals they are after. The FBI only hires the best candidates and trains them to be even better. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is the number on agency for cracking down on illegal drug use, illegal drug importation, and illegal drug exportation. This agency works closely with all local and federal law enforcement agencies to fight the war on illegal drugs. The DEA is a very efficient agency when it comes to cracking down on illegal drug use and smuggling. The Department of Homeland Security has a broader spectrum of law enforcement
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