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CJS 200 Week 3 DQ 1 - police officers handle themselves...

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I believe the community era was a bold start to changing the way police officers handled crimes and the way the community viewed their roles as police officers. In the past era’s police either stayed professional but kept themselves distant from the community, which made the individual of the community less likely to ask for help or to report a crime. Today police officers are a vital role in every community; they interact and are involved with the communities, in doing so they created a trust between police and the civilian. I also think that the way policing and the way
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Unformatted text preview: police officers handle themselves today is remarkable compared to the way policing was handled in the past two era’s. The era of policing in my community is great. The police department that is responsible for my area has been well constructive and is always giving back to the community, as well as the level of interaction with the community. The police department in my community has a good rapport and good lines of communication. The police in my area are very professional and only the best candidates are selected thru a very tough and strict hiring processs....
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