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CJS 200 Week 4 Assignement - police possibly have...

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I believe the police conducted a lawful search and seizure. By law, they did everything by the book. They did not break the door down because: one they didn’t believe the suspect to be armed and they did not believe that the suspect might be destroying evidence inside the dwelling. The police informed the 14-year-old girl that lived there of the arrest warrant. Once the police had made their presence known, they had the right to search the home for the evidence, which was found in the garage behind some storage boxes and a few other evidence that was illegal. Even though police had reasonable doubt and probable cause with the testimony of the first suspect, the police failed to read the suspect his Mirada rights. Now with doing this, the
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Unformatted text preview: police possibly have jeopardized the conviction of the second suspect, even though they had found evidence that connect the second suspect to the robberies. Police are always supposed to read a suspect their Miranda Rights no matter what the situation is a t hand, failing to do so the police are violating the suspect’s rights under the Fourth Amendment. Since, evidence was found that linked the individual to the crimes committed and additional evidence that was illegal to possess, the police had the right in arrest and interrogate him. But since the police failed to issue the suspect his Miranda Rights they lost the privilege to lawfully interrogate him....
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