CJS 200 Week 4 Check Point Terrorism and Cyber Crime

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Some of the problems that affect the Fourth Amendment on interpreting cyber crimes and terrorism are; jurisdictional challenges, it is hard to charge individuals with a crime that is committed over the internet when they are located in one jurisdiction and the crime they have committed is located in another jurisdiction. This has become a big problem for law enforcement agencies when trying to catch cyber crime criminals, because the internet destroys the idea of geographic boundaries, since boundaries do not exist in cyberspace. For instance, this is not a national current event, but it is current to me and my family. Recently my niece had fallen victim to an internet predator through a child game site. This individual befriended my niece by simple chat and then it lead into much more. When her mother came across a package that was mail to her, she became very suspicious of the origin of the package.
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Unformatted text preview: This had put her on high alert and final she came to me and asked if I could find a way into her email. To keep a long story short, my niece had been email this individual for over two years and had made her to believe she was his girlfriend. My nieces family and I called the Crimes Against Children Unit got them involved, their investigation lead them to a internet account in Germany and that this individual had been talking to more girls. The law enforcement agencies in Germany have been notified and are currently looking for this individual. He has been put on a national watch list. I believe this case has gone to the federal level. But the main problem in this situation is that this individual is located out of the jurisdiction of the United States and we are depending of the law enforcement agencies of Germany to bring this predator to justice....
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