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The Media is a courtrooms worst enemy. The media can portray a criminal as a very nice and hard working citizen, when the information can be very far from the truth. When people are setting at home and watching the news or reading the paper they assume what they are watching and reading to be the truth. So, the media can influence how people look at a criminal and his or her actions. This can be a big problem when there is a very high profile trial going on and the
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Unformatted text preview: court and the judge needs the jury to view the case with a open mind and be un-bias. A lot of times when a jury or an area has had too much media influence a judge can order the trial to take place somewhere else so that the jury selected can be free of media influence and can go into a court room with an open mind. The same goes for attorneys, the media can influence the way they approach a trial or case in the court room....
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