CJS 200 Week 7 Check Point Intermediate Sanctions

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Intermediate Sanctions are a stricter form of probation but not as harsh as imprisonment. These sanctions were put into place for the not everyday criminal; they are for those individuals that needed a little more supervision and stricter rules to follow without going to jail. The main benefit to having these sanctions like reporting centers, shock probation, ISP programs, and home confinement are to help reduce the overcrowding of jails and prisons, it also gives some relief to understaffed probation departments. I do feel that intermediate sanctions are an
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Unformatted text preview: appropriate punishment as long as the punishment fits the crime. For example, a person should not be able to kill someone and only get 5 to 10 years probation, plus get credit for time served while in jail during a trial. To me this is an inappropriate punishment. But on the other hand there are many punishments that make more sense and most of the time help turn around some individual’s lives....
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