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I believe community based corrections do have good and bad effects on a probationer. I think that some people can change their life and make some good of it. Sometimes people have been taught or raised the wrong way and need to be taught the right way. I don’t believe you are just born a criminal or just bad person; it has to do with how you are raised. Community-based punishment is justifiable in today’s society for many reasons. First off, not every criminal need to be sent straight to jail or prison. Some criminals, depending on their crime should be given the chance of probation under the terms of a judge. To my knowledge, home monitoring is one of the best ways to help first time offenders get their act together. With the three different levels of monitoring: Curfew, Home Detention, and Home incarceration, I
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Unformatted text preview: think first time offenders for the most part get the idea. But, Boot camps on the other hand can break down the walls of stubbornness and instill respect, honor, loyalty, courage, and selflessness which cannot be obtained by home monitoring techniques. The techniques used in boot camp can be a little harsh at times, but the end result are extraordinary. American society for the most part I think isn’t affected by community-based correction, although there is the occasional criminal that just cannot be reintegrated back into society even after all other measure have be exhausted to help that person. The only other way I think community correction effects society is the cost that it take to maintain these probation programs, when tax payer could go to other things that might be more beneficial to society....
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