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CJS 200 Week 8 Check Point Jails - • I do believe the...

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The main purpose of jails in society are as follows; jails act as a holding facility for many offenders who might be able to post bail, but have not be convicted of the crime they have been held for and are awaiting pre-trial. Some individuals in jail might be serving time for the crime that they were convicted of because their sentence might be so small that they could serve it in jail verses going to prison. In today’s society prison are becoming overcrowded more and more, so some jail are being used to hold prisoners to help control the increasing inmate population. Another purpose for jails is to house inmates awaiting transfer to prison.
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Unformatted text preview: • I do believe the current systems are effective to a point. The biggest problem that I have found is that less and less prisoner or convicted felons are being paroled than ever before. Once again this is one of the main reasons that the judicial system is dealing with overcrowding prisons, but on the other hand I know that there has been a huge increase in petty crimes and just crime in general. With the way the economy is today crime is of the rise even more so than before. I think the death penalty should be enforced and maybe we could bring the number long term prisoner down to allow room for other short term prisoners....
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