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CJS 200 Week 8 The Prison System - The Prison System The...

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The Prison System 1 The Prison System CJS200/FOUNDATIONS OF THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM Brandon Ashley March 7, 2010
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The Prison System 2 Prison Systems today have come a long way from the first prisons built on American soil in the late 1700’s. The first penitentiary was opened in a wing of Philadelphia’s Walnut Street Jail in 1776. This prison worked on the belief that silence and labor gave the best hope in rehabilitating the criminal spirit. In the beginning, there was a rivalry between the Pennsylvania Penitentiary System and the New York Penitentiary System. The Pennsylvania Systems first attempt failed with Walnut Street Jail, so the State of Pennsylvania constructed two new prisons; the Eastern Penitentiary in Cherry Hill, near Philadelphia (1829) and the Western Penitentiary near Pittsburgh. The New York’s Newgate Prison (which was built in 1791) was another example of overcrowding, so the State built a new Prison, the Auburn Prison, which opened its doors in1816. The Pennsylvania System was based on the idea to transform criminals into honest citizens and the New York System focused on obedience. The Pennsylvania System took the idea of silence to new levels when the two new Prisons were built, the
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