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Review the National Center for Women and Policing Web site at http://www.womenandpolicing.org/ , and the International Association of Women Police Web site at http://www.iawp.org/ . How has the integration of women in policing affected society’s view on what policing is? What are the positives to this integration? What are the negatives? Why must the importance of women in policing not be overlooked? I believe that the integration of women in policing has affected society’s view in a very positive way. Women bring unique qualities and a non-gender bias outlook to policing. They have proven for years that they can step up to any task at hand when it comes to policing. Women in the police force have
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Unformatted text preview: closed the communication gap between local women and children. For years men have had minor problems communicating with women and children victims. The only negative thing I could come up with would have to be a women’s strength and size compared to a man’s size and strength, but strength size can be controlled by teasers and hand guns. Women have and will always play an important role in the world of policing by being able to communicate in way men cannot and by always having something to prove....
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