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Week 7 Discussion Question 1 Describe the three traditional methods of police operations. In your opinion, are these methods effective? Explain your answer. Random routine Patrol: This is when the officer punches in to work, and immediately goes to an assigned route or beat for patrolling. Rapid response to calls by citizens to 911: This is when an officer responds to a dispatcher’s request that is received by a 911 call from a citizen. Retroactive Investigation of past crimes by detectives:
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Unformatted text preview: This is an investigation done by the officer and then turned over to detectives to finish up on, or continue working on. I believe these methods to be effective in that they allow for the quick response of the officer initially. It allows the officer to respond quicker than someone who is not close or not around the situation. And as everyone knows a quick response can be what determines whether someone lives’ or dies, or a suspect is captured or gets away....
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