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Positive impacts of the police in my community would have to be the programs that they are trying to offer our community. Having things for the boys and girls to do, this in turn helps to keep them out of trouble. The boys and girls club is a great program and Police Explores program. The Explorer Program provided 6,896 hours of volunteer service to my community and the police department in 2008 for my town. Helping nonprofit organizations like the Kosair
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Unformatted text preview: Shiners raise money is another thing that has positive impacts on my community. Negative impacts would be, just now trying to get these programs into our community. Not being more involved with the community in the past and just now taking initiative in the last couple of years is something that really upsets a lot of the people in the community. Although they are late in their efforts, at least there are efforts of some sort trying to take place....
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