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To me the roles of policing today have evolved tremendously from the earliest day of policing. For instance, the first police back in 1285 A.D were required to light street lamps and clean up trash, but today that would be unheard of. Another difference that I might point out is The Vigiles were considered brutal during their time, whereas this would never go over well with people today. All it would take would b just one free lance photographer with a camera and then there would be a uprising of madness. In Rome the Lictors would sometimes carry out the sentences that were handed down by the Magistrate, which included death. I believe carrying out
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Unformatted text preview: sentences of death would help with overcrowding prisons. I do not think that people whom have committed severe harness crimes should been given the chance to live out their lives on the peoples expense. I think that a small majority of the United States population would be for some of the old ways of policing, but not the other portion of the population. The way I see it, the many lessons learned over the hundreds of years of policing combined with the skills and knowledge today are what have molded our police force of today to what it has become....
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