CSJ 210 Week 1 Checkpoint Law Enforcement Agencies

CSJ 210 Week 1 Checkpoint Law Enforcement Agencies - There...

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There are many different law enforcement agencies, but the three most important are the state police/highway patrol, the municipal police, and the federal law enforcement agencies. The municipal law enforcement (also called the local police) handles the crimes that occur within their limited districts. The state police/highway patrol help the municipal police, investigate the crimes that cross the borders of different jurisdiction, handle crimes in areas that are not covered by municipal police forces, and interfering with strikes and labor organizations. The federal law enforcement agencies are the Department of Homeland Security, Customs agency, Border Patrol, Secret Service, DEA, ATF, FBI, Federal Marshals, and the Depart of the Treasury. These agencies cover crimes against the federal government like drug crime, terrorism, and immigration crime. The Louisville Metro Police department divides it responsibilities, tasks, and duties, between the men and women of its agency. The types of tasks are divided between different kinds of personnel.
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