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Com 140 Week 4 Negative Messages Memo

Com 140 Week 4 Negative Messages Memo - goals for this...

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MEMORANDUM TO: Project Team FROM: Brandon Ashley DATE: September 20, 2009 SUBJECT: Resent Quarter Project Update Fellow Teammates, This past quarter has been tuff, but all of you have worked very hard. I would like to say thank for that hard work. Everyone has put so much into our resent project and it looks great. Your dedication to the team and the company shows through your work. With all the hard work that has been done, I have to inform you that we missed our financial
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Unformatted text preview: goals for this quarter. With that said, we will not be receiving our bonus for the quarter. I will be working on some strategies with my manager this week. These strategies should help us improve on meeting our financial goals in the next quarter. If you have any questions or suggestions, I will be in my office. Once again thank you for all you hard work this past quarter and keep your heads up, we will make it next time....
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