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COM 140 Week 6 Assignment Memo

COM 140 Week 6 Assignment Memo - training should be made...

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MEMORANDUM TO: Christine Lancaster, Training Supervisor    FROM: Joe Gilmore, Training Department Manager DATE: October 4, 2009 SUBJECT: Idea for Next Training Series I believe you are on to something here. This training will be very beneficial to our company. Jill’s paper on “Emotional Intelligence” moved me in such a way, that I was inspired. I think EI
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Unformatted text preview: training should be made mandatory for reaching our corporate mission and goals. Every company should find ways to improve performance and enhance effective decision-making. I can’t wait to see the EI training you come up with, I am very interested in attending. Yes, I would like to discuss this idea further before our next supervisors’ meeting....
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