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Com 140 Week 6 Check Point Creating Effective Documents

Com 140 Week 6 Check Point Creating Effective Documents -...

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Business and academic documents are similar in many ways, one is they both should be written in somewhat of a formal tone. They both should be well thought out and not just thrown together to make them effective in capturing your audience. However, academic documents should have more structure and follow the guidelines of “Axia College's Writing Style Handbook .” Academic documents usually are not written to or for someone, they are about something. Most business writings are memos, letters, and emails. These types of documents are always written to someone or to a group of people to be effective. The guidelines for business documents are not so strict, but when it comes to academic documents, the
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Unformatted text preview: guidelines are really strict on the format in which they are written; for instance, the heading of a paper, the font styles, the font size, and even the spacing between lines. All these guidelines are basically set for writing academic documents and are important to be effective; as for business documents, they can be switched up from time to time and are not as important. When it comes down to anyone of these two types of documents the tone in most cases will be the same, because they are to sound professional and look professional. Learning how to properly write and use these two types of documents will help you succeed in school, in life, and help further your career....
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