COm 140 Week 7 Check Point

COm 140 Week 7 Check Point - using pictures of Gym...

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I am planning on using the Flow design template from Microsoft’s PowerPoint. I chose this template for its design layout and its light blue colors. The layout is eye catching and appealing to the eye. The colors are very soft and none offensive. I have found that light blue colors are calming and attractive. The font script I chose for my title page was Script MT Bold; this font is very eye catching to me. I am going to use Times New Roman font for the rest of my presentation because it has a clean look. When it comes to the graphics, at this time I will be
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Unformatted text preview: using pictures of Gym equipment, daycare play areas and maybe some spreadsheets for equipment types. These pictures are going to be my main graphics and are going to be a key factor in my presentation pitch to the committee. I want to make sure that I capture my audience and keep them interested. I need the committee to stay focused, alert, and guessing what I am going to show or explain next. If I can do this, I believe that I can intrigue them and convince them that this new service is needed; with the design layout, colors, font selection, and graphics....
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