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The qualities that make written communication effective is to be able to reach your target audience with the right tone and bias- free language; along with a strong Introduction, a well structured Body with good content, and a well written conclusion to wrap up the message. Now, whether you are being informative, positive, negative, or a combination of the three; you need to keep the tone appropriate to the audience or reader. Another thing to keep in mind is spelling and grammar checks. With these qualities in place you will be able to effectively engage your audience and keep them interested.
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Unformatted text preview: I try to use all the qualities above to my advantage the best way I can. I always re-read my work to make sure it sounds right and that I am getting my message across in my writing. I also use every spell check and grammar check program I can. This ensures me that I am writing properly and I am not using poor grammar. Everyday I am learning new ways to make my writing better. I am always up for learning new ways to incorporate new elements in to my writing....
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