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Com140 Week 4 Check Point - Your graphic designs are...

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The unwanted reactions that I am trying to avoid are: I do not want to lose the committee’s attention, I want them on the edge of their seats wondering what I am about to say next. I do not want the committee to think at anytime that I just tossed this idea together. The steps I will be taking to ensure that I convey the purpose of my message to the audience will be: I am going to research this idea the best that I can, making sure I have everything checked and ready for the final presentation. I will be making a read and re-read my presentation making sure everything sound right and makes sense. While proof-reading I will be looking for grammar errors and spelling errors. Once, I have read and proof read, I want to make sure that this presentation is geared towards my target audience. I do not want audience to fill like this presentation was not meant for them to see or hear. My Emails Hey Dave, I just want to let you know that work you are doing on that new game looks great.
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Unformatted text preview: Your graphic designs are amazing. I am working on a presentation for a new service in the building and I will be a little busy getting all the information together for it, so if you need any help on the new game just let me know. Brandon Ashley Mr. Steve Taylor, I work for DigiFast on the third floor, I needed to let you know that the Men’s restroom on third has two backed up toilets and it smells pretty bad in there. If at all possible could you take care of this problem, I am trying to work on a presentation for a new service in the building and it time consuming to have to go to another floor to use the restroom. Thank You. Sincerely, Brandon Ashley DigiFast The difference between the first email and the last email are: In the first email, I sent a positive message letting Dave know that he work looked great and his designs were amazing. In the second email to Steve, I was informing him of a problem in the third floor Men’s restrooms....
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