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MEMORANDUM TO: Stacie Matthews FROM: Brandon Ashley DATE: September 23, 2009 SUBJECT: New Service Needed in the Building During recent research that I have conducted, I have come to a conclusion that many working American today cannot find a decent Child Daycare that fits their work schedule. Many American’s today cannot find the time to exercise, or work out daily, as well. I believe if we can bring in a Gym with Child Daycare, we could help many of our employees in the company and others in the building. Having a gym in the building would give more people the motivation they need to stay fit. People could work out on their breaks, instead of doing nothing. Those individuals who have children and need daycare could come straight to work without the worries of being late and having to drop off their children before coming to work.
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Unformatted text preview: Additionally, if employees wanted to check on their children; they could with ease and not even leave the building. Bringing in a new business to the building will be a challenge, but I think this challenge is worth it. Having the convenience of a gym and daycare in the building, I think will entice many people to join. There will be employee incentives for people employed in the building, such as discounted prices for gym memberships and child daycare. This will encourage people to come to work and have a since of knowing their children are safe. This facility will not only be for building employees, but for everyone that would like to join and take advantage of what this facility will have to offer. I hope you can take my points of view into consideration when reviewing this project. Thank you for your time....
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