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For what audience or readership do you think the article was written? I believe this article was intended for a wide range audience, from small and even large businesses owners, corporate executives and CEO’s of the business world. I also believe this was intended for the everyday person to be informed on how the new age of business is coming and going to mainstream media. What is the purpose of the article (to entertain, inform, persuade, or a combination)? Explain your answer. The purpose of this article is to inform the every people of what is coming in the very near future of how business well be doing business and getting their product or service out to the public. The purpose of this article also is to persuade small business owners, large business owners, small and large corporations and even company CEO’s to look at the potential
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Unformatted text preview: blog’s could do for or hurt their business. This could help them rack in money or make them lose money in the long run depending on how they utilize this new age information. • How do the writers organize information in the article? What purpose do you think they had in mind with this structure ? To inform the public know about blogging. To inform about the pro’s and con’s for businesses about blogging. Also how business can reap the benefits of blog’s and opinions of the public. • What is the tone or expressive style of the article? What effect does this tone produce? I believe the tone was to alert people and the business world to the good and the bad of blog’s. I believe this article will entice people and business to look more into blog’s....
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