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My number one writer is Robert Ludlum. I fell I have rapport with this writer because most of his books are base upon some kind of law enforcement or military background. Being that I am in the Army Military Police, I can relate to most all of his books. My favorite book was the “The Altman Code”; part of the book took place in Basra, Iraq. When I read this book, I was in Basra at the time, so I could relate to the book very well. The writer that I have a hard time having rapport with is Dale Brown. Even though he writes military novels, I have a hard time following them and staying interested.
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Unformatted text preview: I guess the reason is in the way the two write, Robert Ludlum keeps me wanting to read more and Dale Brown does not. I think when it comes to having rapport with your audience you need to know who your audience is first, but make sure that the reader can see himself or herself in the book so they can relate to what is going on. You want to keep the reader wondering and at the edge of their seat. If you can, keep the readers wanting more, then they will keep on reading. Because if you get the reader confused for one moment they might get lost in what he or she may be reading?...
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