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Week 2 Assignment - Once someone has submitted their paper...

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I would like to say the CWE is a helpful and useful resource for any college student. The CWE provides students with tools to write properly. Besides Write Point and the Plagiarism Checker, the CWE provides students with “Tutorials & Guides” and “Writing Manuals”. I believe the two major resources that will be most useful in building anyone’s writing skills, would be “Write Point” and “Grammar and Writing Guides”. Inside the “Tutorials & Guides”, anyone will find one of my favorites, “Grammar and Writing Guides”. This resource can teach anyone writing styles and grammar mechanics, these two alone will improve anyone’s writing dramatically. The Write Point resource is a very helpful tool as well. This resource will help critique someone’s writing very quickly.
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Unformatted text preview: Once someone has submitted their paper or writing for Write Point, with in a few seconds they can have feedback right away. This feedback is very helpful and useful in writing properly. Now, on the other hand, there is the Plagiarism checker. This resource is very useful for research papers. Once someone has finished their paper, they can submit it to the Plagiarism Checker. This resource is going to give them a percentage index, which tells them how much of their paper can be resourced from the internet or other writings. With this information they can to do one of two things, they can use these internet resources or writings as a reference, or they can reword their paper and make it more their own....
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